Screen Printing

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Our mission at Innovative Ink is to provide top notch screen printing services in a prompt and professional manner. We are able to screen print a wide range of products for you from: t-shirts, pants, aprons, bags, and much more! We strive to overly exceed all our clients expectations from the smallest to the largest of jobs.

When you are looking for someone to print some amazing looking t-shirts, look no further than Innovative Ink. We partner together with some of the industries top companies to rise to meet any order. We strive to remain negotiable on our prices, and will work with you to create a lasting relationship. Every shirt counts here at Innovative Ink, and we make sure to put the needed time and effort into every order to make sure its done your way.

If you needing artwork done for a product, our graphic designers are able to to create marketable designs for you @ an affordable price. From the simplest to the most complex designs, our designers always deviate from competitors and come up with a logo you are satisfied with.

If you are looking for a niche product to provide a boost in image awareness, customer loyalty, boosting your employees moral, or launching a new product we can help! Our state of the art production facility provide us with the capability to process thousands of products a day, while meeting your needs in a timely fashion. Our sales team has multiple partnerships and resources that we tap into to help create the ultimate final product for you. Innovative Ink ensures we understand what you as our customer wants first, and then make it our mission to exceed that standard on each and every order.

We offer the following types of screen printing:

Spot Color Printing
The most common type of printing for basic designs and logos with solid fill areas is called spot color screen printing. Innovative ink can print a maximum of 7 colors on our presses, and any color quantity over this we send to digital printing. Click here for info on Innovative Ink’s art requirements and fees.

Spot Color w/ Half Tones Printing
This form of screen printing is similar to spot color, but it incorporates gradients of those colors to give depth to a design. However it is not as complicated as full color process designing. To get more info about art requirements and fees for spot color printing click here.

Simulated Process Printing
Simulated process printing is where photographic reproduction takes place on colored or dark colored apparel. This is the most difficult form of screen printing as well as the most costly. Simulated process uses the most amount of screens, but has much higher quality output. Click here to find out more about costs.

Discharge/Waterbase Printing
Waterbased/Discharge Printing a t-shirt is the way to achieve a soft print that feels like it is part of the fabric. We can print various shades of water based metallic ink, reproduce your complex multi-colored graphics, and print over seams and off of the bottom of the shirt. This ink type works best on 100% cotton fabric. To learn more please view our artwork requirements page.